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Boot Camp

Are you ready to start fresh in 2017 when it comes to your personal health? Exercise is a key component to good health, however it can often become difficult to develop a regular routine. Sometimes it is a lack of motivation and other times the difficulties come from...
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Fitness and Nutrition Studio Cambridge MN

If you’re looking to get healthy this year, it’s not enough to hope that it will happen. It’s not enough to eat a little less than usual or get in just a few extra steps each day. Being fit, and full-body health and wellness, relies on your complete dedication to your...
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Goals for 2017

Have you just started the new year with another New Year’s resolution to get healthy? Have you been telling yourself for months – or years, even – that this will be the day that you start getting fit? If you’ve set some 2017 fitness goals for yourself, you are not...
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Weight Loss Program Isanti County MN

When you feel good, it shows. One of the most universal tools used to pave that feeling of ‘good’ is exercise. Our Isanti County Fitness Center has many personal trainers specialized in all areas. Any class you take, at Total Wellness Coaching, can help...
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The Healthiest Way to Lose Weight

Want to know how to lose weight and boost your health at the same time? It is a combination of diet and exercise and anyone can do it, but they have to want it bad enough. If you are ready to challenge yourself and reach your own personal goals, the team at Total...
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The Truth About Weight Loss

At times weight loss can seem unattainable. If you are really serious about losing weight, talk to our personal trainers in Cambridge, Minnesota. We can teach you exercises you can use and most importantly we will go over nutrition, as it is an essential part of...
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