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Get Fit With A Muay Thai Kickboxing Class

Learn The Art Of Muay Thai Kickboxing Learn the art and skill of Muay Thai Kickboxing during a fast-paced, intense workout. This class is for those seeking a high level of training but who are not necessarily looking to cage fight. This is Muay Thai for sport, for...
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Boost your Metabolism #10

Eat Protein Protein helps preserve lean muscle mass. Because it is digested more slowly, your body expends more energy absorbing the nutrients in the protein.
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Boost Your Metabolism #3

Increase Lean Muscle Mass. Muscle weighs more than fat, but it also uses more energy. The average woman in her 30’s who does strength training 2x/week for 30-40 minutes will increase her resting metabolism by up to 100 calories a day. So, if you are a...
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